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The bright prospect of chemical industry development in Indonesia draws Singapore private side i.e. The Chemical Corporation of Singapore Pte. Ltd. (CCS) invited Indonesia private side i.e. PT. Archipelago Trading and Service Corporation to build chemical industry in Indonesia. A factory had been built after the agreement between both sides met with law form of Perseroan Terbatas (PT) / Ltd. name PT. Mahkota Indonesia on 30 October 1969.

In the beginning PT. Mahkota Indonesia built unit I Sulfuric Acid factory on 23 February 1970 Aluminium Sulfate built which starting to operate in 1971. In overcome arising necessity of Sulfuric Acid, in 1976 unit II Sulfuric Acid was been built and operated in 1979. This factory expansion emerges the initiative of how to exploit steam energy resulted from unit I and unit II Sulfuric Acid factory, therefore Sodium Silicate unit was been built in 1981. The rapid developing of technology and increasing consumer demand moved the management thought to develop the company by building unit III Sulfuric Acid and started to build in 1991

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